Always Veranito with Fernanda & Constantino

Always Veranito with Fernanda & Constantino

Welcome to our ‘Always Veranito´series, a sunny place inside our Journal where the days are filled with little moments of joy, seashell hunting, salty hair adventures and siestas featuring the families that inspire us. 

For our second veranito series, we spoke to Asana Groove's founder Fernanda de la Puente and her son's Constantino first summer in Mallorca.

Fernanda & Constantino


You escaped to…





family & friends 


Summer feelings: to you, how does summer…

…taste like: figs

…sound like: cigarras

…feel like: a natural spa (exfoliating, cleansing & rejuvenating)

…look like: paradise 

…smell like: sage


Your favorite activities with Constantino?

Walking under the trees in front of our house. Waking up and going to the vegetable garden.

Your favorite summer rituals?

Waking up at 6:30/7am with him and going directly for a walk, listening to the roosters and goats as they walk through the campo.


Dylan Pants

Where to watch the sunset?

Hotel Corazón 


You are at your happiest when…

I swim in the sea 


A souvenir to bring home with you?

Straw hat and knifes from ca na toneta.


Your summer playlist always includes… ( a song, album or artist) el sitio de mi recreo / angus & Julia stone / Iron & wine


Lion Short

A book for you? And for Constantino?

Under the sea and songs of the world - for Constantino . I haven’t had time to read as he is so little and takes up all my time ! (I barely sleep too hehe)


Your summer in one sentence

A great splash of heavens


Your go-to restaurants, beaches or secret places in Mallorca?

Casa Manolo 

La nouvelle Famille

Patiki Beach

Ca na toneta

Hotel Corazón

Es vivers

Dos alquemistas

S’illiot Strand


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